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    We have over 100+ Dealers and counting!

    Become a holster maker in 1 day!

    Who we are

    Bullseye Holsters is the industry leader in providing holster material and product to retail stores. With over 100 retail accounts throughout the US for over 7 years.

    What we do!

    Learn how to make Bullseye Holsters in less than 1 day. We provide training at your store when it is convenient for you and your staff. Working together to ensure your staff know the basics of holster making is our mission.

    Bullseye Holsters has the best quality and prices in the holster industry.

    - Will Meade (Shark Coast Tactical)

    Super fast Turnaround Time

    At Bullseye Holsters, we pride ourselves in record breaking turnaround time. Most wholesale orders ship within 48 hours no matter what the size of the order. With some of the best holster prices in the industry. Your business is guaranteed to make a profit selling Bullseye Holsters. We provide quality 80% completed holster shells that can be molded to fit any gun.


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